Sid Reddy

I'm an AI researcher working on adaptive human-machine interfaces that help people perceive and control their environment. My long-term goal is to expand humanity's agent-environment boundary using intelligent, semi-autonomous assistants. I'm broadly interested in brain-computer interfaces, virtual reality, AI alignment, human-robot interaction, and computational creativity. You can reach me by email at (PGP) or on Twitter @sidgreddy.

I recently completed a computer science Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, where I worked with Anca Dragan and Sergey Levine on human-in-the-loop reinforcement learning algorithms for controlling robots. During that time, I spent one summer working on AI alignment with Jan Leike at DeepMind. Before that, I was an undergrad at Cornell working with Thorsten Joachims and Siddhartha Banerjee on algorithms for personalized education.